Hi there!

My name is Mel. I am a foodie trying to navigate a gluten-free lifestyle. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s, led me to change my diet completely. As a result of my Hashimoto’s, I have eliminated gluten, dairy, grains & soy.

I graduated from the best culinary school; Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC. With my culinary experience, I am always testing out new recipes that fit into the diet. Being inspired by so many personal gluten-free food blogs led me to take a chance and create my own.

I’m making it my mission to help educate others on how food is tasty and naturally heal your body. I focus on delicious gluten, soy, nightshade, and (mainly) dairy-free recipes. My recipes all have a healthy, allergen-free twist! Changing your diet doesn’t have to limit your taste and quality of food.